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I took a brief trip to the grocery store yesterday, but have pretty much spent the last four days in seclusion (IE: that was the first and only time I left my house since...Saturday, I think) This isn't really my choice, as my car is STILL in the shop, I'm not working and I live in a town with nothing in it.

Small town living can be fucking mind numbing, and all the walks my dog and I have taken fail to stimulate me...and her. I've discovered that I hate all of my former favorite movies/books/tv shows/hobbies.

I have, however, followed along with a few old exercise videos and started meditating a lot more. Mostly because there's nothing else to do, but also because if I've got all this free time I might as well work on myself.

Derv is being super supportive because he's been coming home to a spotlessly clean house and a wife who is beyond desperate for someone to talk to. He's also thankful that I've taken the reigns with his mom situation. I'm not really sure how I became the one dealing with it, but I have very little regard for bullshit so it's been a lot easier for her to have me on speed-dial. Now that I know she's little more than a manipulative, self-depricating shrew, I just kind of listen to her manic rants, assure her that Devon doesn't hate her and get off the phone with the promise that I'll call again soon. Apparently there's also a conference call with her psychiatrist to look forward to in the near future as well. I'm dreading it, but it should be entertaining.

On the plus side, I got a call from the home for disabled adults that I interviewed with nearly a month ago. Apparently they ran into some funding issues and set-up of the place stalled....BUT! They now have a home and vehicle secured and would like to meet with me next week for a second interview. She even noted that I was the first applicant she called. That's something!

2:02 p.m. - 10.16.13


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