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I have work trainings the next 2 Thursdays. Tomorrow is a procurement class a couple of hours away at one of the big universities and next week it's a class on motors with one of our vendors. I'm oddly excited, both for the opportunity to do some business travel and to learn more about the components I'm buying.

The past several months have been a crash course in gear reducers, motors, bearings, bushings, shafts, sheaves, conveyor belts, drive belts and raw steel. I finally feel like I understand all of the pieces, now I just need to learn everything about what we manufacture with those parts. Fortunately, my job is less about the finished products, so there's plenty of padding there. I spend a lot of time reading component manuals, checking out drawings from the engineering department and wandering around production asking questions. Another fortunate thing is that people seem eager to tell me about their jobs, about the challenges they have, about ideas they have to improve the flow of parts orders. I can see people starting to trust me as I attempt (successfully, I may add) to begin to streamline some of the process.

I can't imagine that any part of this is interesting to anyone else, but I am so proud of how far I've come and how much I've learned already. The man training me has been with the company for forty years--he's been doing my job longer than I've been alive, and he seems to have faith in me. He's grouchy and temperamental and incredibly difficult to get along with, so his belief in me combined with our almost enjoyable work dynamic are pretty encouraging.

A year ago, I was working part time and my job consisted largely of, like, ordering coats and keeping my supervisor from having a meltdown in the midst of her divorce.

It feels good to have made so much growth.

7:26 a.m. - 12.01.21


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