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Sometimes I'm not good at acknowledging my accomplishments or how far I've come, but I really want to soak this in a little bit because it occurred to me the other day that I should be---that I am, rather---really fucking proud of myself.

A year ago, I was a part time receptionist for a Fortune 50 company. I was able to evolve that into a full time position working with multiple departments and covering a huge variety of duties. When that stopped being fulfilling, when they began making demands with no regard to compensation, I began looking elsewhere.

I almost took a huge paycut and added 25 miles onto my commute to work for a small financial management firm just to get away, but eventually realized that was a mistake.
Then, I saw a job posting for a buyer position at a local company that makes custom equipment for industrial manufacturers. I wasn't exactly qualified, but I wasn't necessarily unqualified either. I figured I'd shoot my shot and throw my resume into the mix.

An hour after submitting my resume, the company reached out to me for the first time to tell me that although they would still be accepting applications, they wanted me to know that they liked my resume and would be reaching out to schedule an interview the following week. I was the first interview scheduled. I had to juggle my hours at my previous job to make it work and the day of the interview, I lost all my confidence. I got a late start leaving work, it was a hot day and I could feel my makeup melting off. The whole drive, I thought about skipping it. Not even calling, just not showing up. I told myself that it didn't matter, that I made ok money and that my dissatisfaction would dissipate. I pulled into the parking lot with 3 minutes to spare.

It ended up going well. Really well. Ten days later they offered me the position.

A $15,000 increase from where I was at. A salaried position with great benefits at an employee owned company less than 15 miles from home.

For a bitch without a degree, this might be as good as it gets for a while.

And I'm good with that.

8:00 a.m. - 09.20.21


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