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I got to see one of my oldest friends over the weekend it and was just so soul nourishing. He bought a house and is settling down and it's just kind of incredible to sit on a good buddy's porch and celebrate the fact that we made it. After all the years of self destruction and dysfunction, we managed to turn into happy, whole people.

It was a nice solo road trip for me, as well. Devon had to work, so I took our beagle with me and took my time with the trip. We got coffee and dog treats and stopped at a few parks. I listened to my old favorite songs and sang at the top of my lungs. At dinner with my friend, I had a giant margarita and then spent the night full-out belly laughing with one of my favorite people. The next day, on the way home, I got burgers and ice cream for me and the beag and enjoyed a lazy summer ride. I took back roads and gravel the whole way home, testing out my new Jeep's 4 wheel drive.

Devon is off today, but since he's on nights our sschedules are a little wonky. We spent a little time together, but now he's out with some new friends from work grilling and having a couple of beers. I'm proud of him for putting himself out there. We both found ourselves in a depression last year and it made us reclusive and we isolated ourselves quite a bit so this is a big step! We've both come out of our shells so much at the new company we work for. I'm the volunteer counsel coordinator and doing all this random stuff in the community and he's starting to really get to know the guys on his team and form friendships. It might sound small, but for us this us a huge sign that we're doing better.

It feels good to see Devon and I rediscovering ourselves, breaking some of our codependent habits and starting to gain a healthy level of independence.

I've also noticed a huge shift in the quality of our time together. I've always enjoyed spending time with him, but I find myself being more present, wanting to touch him more, to be closer to him.

I'm just grateful that things are so different than they were a year ago. I'm so happy that we're both seeing the reward for the work we've done on our careers, our life, ourselves and our relationship.

7:58 p.m. - 07.01.19


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