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So, we have two dogs now. It's awesome, but chasing this puppy around has reminded me that I've still got a ways to go before I should have children. Unless kennel training is acceptable for babies, in which case that would probably simplify things a lot.

It's brought up some weird feelings though, because I'm crazy. Having this adorable little guy around just reminds me of when I first got Clementine, the rottweiler beast that I've had for almost six years. When she was a puppy, I lived in the the Hazlette house, in a horrible relationship, doing a bunch of drugs and partying all the time. I feel so guilty for giving this little puppy all the stability and love that Clementine should've gotten from the start.

Like I said, it's insane. But I love my dog more than I love just about every other human on the planet and I regret being such a shitty pet-owner at first. I mean, I didn't beat her, but she spent her first six months of our life together living in the drafty backroom of our house because the guy I was with at the time hated her and I was always gone.

She's got it good now, though. And she's really taken to the new dog...probably because every time she passes by him without incident, I praise and love the shit out of her.

Also, while the puppy has convinced me that kids are definitely a few years away, it has shown me that Derv is going to be the best father ever. Seriously....his calm and compassion and empathy and willingness to clean up poop and wake up 6 times a night has been, like, the cutest thing ever. I've always known it, but seeing this nurturing side of him come out has just made me fall in love with the guy all over again.

2:35 p.m. - 10.31.13


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