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Today, at 3:30 in the morning, I woke up to a call from my mother in law. Being that I don't have anything nice to say to anyone before at least 6:00, I passed the phone off to my husband and let (okay, okay, made) him deal with it.

Apparently, her husband came home after working an 18 hour shift to find her asleep on the couch with a basket of laundry smoldering next to her. If that wasn't bad enough, after he put out the fire, he discovered that their $22,000 Cadillac--yet to be paid off--was gone! Apparently, she'd gone to town to pick up sandwich bags and got a ride home from the store clerk. She left the keys in the cup holder with the door unlocked. So, after working 18 hours and putting out a fire, her husband had to walk 3 miles into town to pick up the car.

Basically, from what we can surmise, she's just kind of going insane. Whether it has anything to do with her prescription pain killer addiction or a deterioration of her mental state caused by something else, nobody knows. But apparently she had no answers about the fire. Or the car. She said that she hasn't been sleeping. Then she asked if Devon and I would be able to pick her up.

From Kalamazoo, Michigan. Roughly a fourteen hour drive.

I don't know what the fuck we're going to do. Her husband is at his wits end, and I don't blame him. But there's something fundamentally wrong with the fact that this woman left Devon when he was a little boy. She didn't swoop back into his life until one week before he moved to Iowa. She didn't come back into his life until she felt it was his turn to take care of her.

And I know she's crazy and probably can't help this selfishness, what point will she stop breaking his heart?

She's brought up the possibility of moving to Iowa several times. Apparently she wants to be close to us--get to know us as adults before she's too old. I first thought this was a beautiful sentiment, until I saw the cycle begin anew three or four times. My husband doesn't think it's even the tiniest bit sincere, because, you know, she's been pulling this shit her whole life. Despite the fact that he thinks it's bullshit, we've discussed it at length and could probably make it work if necessary.

I think she's on disability or social security for a whole host of physical conditions, so if we could get her into the low income apartments across the street from us, we'd be able to keep tabs on her without letting the woman into our house (which, thankfully, neither of us view as an option in any universe.) My main concerns are financial and emotional. There's no way we can afford to pick up the bill for this.... I'm willing to manager her money, pay her bills, do her grocery shopping and drive her wherever she needs to go, but I can't be dipping into my bank account to pay for it. And the emotional side...well...she's fucking crazy. And if she's going to be in our lives, that needs to be addressed.

I don't know if anything will come from this three AM phone call, because apparently this is somewhat typical.... But, Devon also tells me that there's never been a report of missing cars or fires before, so... I guess you never can tell.

As I typed this out, my mother in law called me again. Sobbing and begging me to help her, to please go get her, to take her back with us... Not sure what to do, as her timeline is apparently the next 48 hours and mine is the next 30 days.

8:26 a.m. - 09.13.13


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