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sick day?

There's a chance Devon and I may be purchasing a new home. It's got more bedrooms, an extra bathroom and an extra floor. Plus it's move in ready.

It's barely been a year since we sold our first home and moved into our little green ranch house--the one that, essentially, had to be torn apart and rebuilt.

We both love the idea of a bigger house because we're starting to accept the fact that we're married people who may, one day in the very distant future, want to reproduce and stuff. But holy fuck, the idea of moving fills me with dread. I'm pretty sure there are still boxes he hasn't unpacked since moving to Iowa (in addition to a whole host of things that never got unpacked and put away from the first house to the current home.)

It'll be a hard decision. Realistically, though, I think we've already made it. I think we want the bigger house on a dead end street with a screened in porch that looks West and offers an amazing view of the sunset.

That would, however, leave us with ANOTHER house to either unload or rent. And that idea is kind of a bitch...

But I really love the idea of drinking coffee on that beautiful porch in the winter.

I'm sick as hell today and hoping that my boss comes into work at some point so I can tell him that I need to leave. It felt wrong to call in, so I just decided to power through.

I was woken up today by the sound of a wailing cat. I figured that it was one of ours, so I ignored it for a while. When I finally got up to get dressed for work, I was greeted by a one-eyed, orange tabby that I'd never seen before. He was guarding the food dish while all my spoiled little inside cats hissed from under the table. After a chase that was worth of a comedy sketch (I was topless and still sleepy eyed, chasing this stupid cat around the kitchen with a towel), I got him outside. Still not sure how he made it in, but whatever.

Also, I made the mistake of checking Web MD to see if they had any insight as to why I've been on my period since April, and it clearly indicated that I was dying from something awful. Of course, I don't necessarily believe this, but I've been having all kinds of extra strange pain in weird places lately (like, holy shit do my breasts hurt! It feels like someone pummeled them like one of those speed bags from a Rocky movie or something) so now [stupidly] I'm even more freaked out about going to the doctor. Which I need to do, for way more than what I hope is only food poisoning.

I've skipped around a lot, but my head is foggy and the office is empty. I should probably get back to work.

- 08.05.13


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