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I pass two humane societies on my way to work. When I have a really bad day (which, to be honest, has been every day with the exception of the one in which I did not leave in tears), it's so fucking hard not to just pull in and leave with an armful of critters.

To make a long story short, this is what's going on with me at my current place of employment: I was hired, trained for two days (during which time my manager didn't really teach me anything beyond the basic plans that we offer because, as he said I'd "just forget everything") and then I went to Florida. When I returned, we set up 3 days of training for the 4-6th of January. They sent me to another state with no itinerary. I was able to make 2 sales during that tine, but since I was not given codes to log into the computer system, my sales were logged under the name of another representative who was given credit and commission for them. On the 6th, I was supposed to work at the mall, but after 2 days of calling and texting my manager non-stop, I had not yet received word as to when my shift started. I tried to contact the store that I was working at, but they weren't open or didn't answer or something, and so I left several panicked messages pleading for someone to please just return my call. Since I got kicked out of the hotel room I was staying in at 11 due to check out, I just kind of...kicked it in Nebraska for a few hours until I realized that nobody was going to call me back. Then I went home.

The following Monday, my manager finally called me to inform me that I had to go to Spencer on my day off to pick up the keys and the operations manual to the store that I would be running. A store 30 miles further from home. A store that I had no affiliation with and wasn't supposed to be working at. He also dropped the bombshell that I'd be by myself from open to close. Regardless of the fact that I had never actually been trained on HOW to open or close.

So, I went to work. Armed with only my keys and not even the codes to get into the computer systems necessary to activate phones, set up plans and ring out purchases.

Luckily, my district manager stopped in that morning to inform me that my manager had quit without notice. That very morning.

At that point, I just broke down into tears and ran to the bathroom to collect myself. Afterward, he set me up with my passwords to the computer and left.

I worked all day Tuesday and all day Wednesday--by myself--and it went horrible. Customers were mean (which, I actually understand considering how much the company is jerking them around right now), I didn't know how to do anything, and NONE of the other stores would return my frantic calls begging for help. The last straw was Wednesday when my computer crashed. I called every store as well as every manager I could find a number for. I waited in the locked store for an hour and nobody called me back. I did the best I could with the inventory, considering none of it could be entered into the computer because of the server crash, and then I went home.

Last Thursday, I tried to hand in my keys. I tried to quit. I drove to two different towns trying to find the woman who, for all intents and purposes, is my manager (because, ya know, after bending me over and fucking me dry, my former manager got the heck out of dodge). When she was nowhere to be found, I just handed my things over to the poor lower-level employee running the register and attempted to leave. He ended up convincing me to talk to his manager, located in South Dakota.

So, I talked to her. I explained that I'd been so dicked around by the company and so totally left to my own devices that I couldn't continue working there. She asked me if I was intent on leaving and if there was anything she could do to change my mind. I told her that she could train me.

So! They set up 2 more days of training. Tuesday and Wednesday this week, 2 different managers were sent to my store and they each spent about 3 and a half hours with me, glued to their blackberries. Although I learned a LOT....I really don't think I learned enough to be left alone.

Also, I work a commission based job. My wage is based on how many customers I have, and my commissions are based on how many lines are added or disconnected. For example, if 5 phones are disconnected in a cycle, I must add 6 lines to gain a profit.

Each rep is given a customer list upon hire. Well, due to everything being so fucked with me and because nobody has managed the list in the town where I work for several months, I have over sixty people slated for disconnect in the next thirty days. Which means I have to make 61 sales to turn a profit of $50.

The thing that is really getting to me is that I was promised by my district manager that my list would not go active until after this pay cycle. Since I was given my list YESTERDAY and the cycle ends TODAY, I was infuriated to find out that despite the 4 sales I've managed to make in the past week....I'm still sitting at a -8. That means, all tolled, they've screwed me out of $300. And in the past 2 weeks, I've spent more than that just getting to work.

I just feel very fucked. I was put into a position that seems incredibly difficult to win.

I'm driving over a hundred miles a day. Because of all this fucking gas money, Devon and I have less money than when I was unemployed. And my income still hasn't even made up for the cost of this job.

I just feel so very fucked. From every direction. This company is treating me like shit, and I hate it.

And if one more person tells me to "keep trying" or fucking "hang in there", I'm burning something down or punching someone in the throat.

Well, more realistically, I will roll my eyes seethingly and practice using the force to choke them out.

11:14 a.m. - 01.18.13


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