10:31 a.m. & 08.21.17

I know I am entering a manic phase when I find myself becoming a bit too obsessed with something; this cycle it's Fleetwood Mac. More specifically, it's the relationship between Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks and the making of the Rumours album and how hard it must've been to love someone like that, break up, write a series of incredible, heartwrenching songs, and then spend the next thirty years touring in the same band. I get weirdly emotional when I think about it.

Last time this happened, I found myself sobbing my way through a handful of TMZ videos of Marilyn Manson going through airport security shortly after the death of his father.

Now that I'm able to recognize and cope with my personal brand of insanity, I'm able to see some humor in it.

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